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VIABILL Wedding Financing


Finance your dream wedding dress today! No credit Checks! No Interest! 

Broke Brides is proud to offer VIABILL instant financing on all of our dresses and items up to $300!  There are no credit checks, so you're never denied and you can split your payment into 4 payments. We've made it easier then ever for you to have the wedding dress of your dreams! 

How do I use VIABILL to split my payment? 

Just choose the VIABILL at checkout for purchases up to $300 USD. VIABILL will break your payment into 4 installments and walk you through the process. That's it! 

Is there a minimum?

Nope. You can purchase as little as $5 on our VIABILL payment plan. Use it for your dress, accessories, shoes, ANYTHING! 

Is there a credit check. 

No. There are no credit checks on our standard VIABILL payment plans (up to $300 USD). EVERYONE qualifies! 

Can I finance more than $300 USD? 

In summer 2019 we'll be adding VIABILL Premium where you can finance up to $5000 USD. Minimum credit requirements are a credit score of 520 or better making it easy for just about anyone to take advantage of our program and finance their dream wedding. 

Feel free to send us your questions! info@brokebridedresses.com